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Planting 100 hectares of apple in the town of San Clemente nearby Talca,
the company was founded in 1983.
Later on in combination with a group of growers,
the company decided to start its own exporting operations.
In order to optimize the big quantity of fruit grown by the company,
in 1997 it was initiated the fruit juice operations in Talca.
In 2010 the company decided to expand the agri business division by making an
investment in a whole new agri industrial processing facilities.
In 2012 the new plant of San Clemente Foods started running and was able to
produce the first fruit puree ingredients.
In 2013 the company made a joint venture with the spanish company Go Fruselva, the main co-packer of fruit pouches in Europe, starting Fruselva America in order to act as co-packer
in this type of products to supply north, central and south America.
In 2014 San Clemente Foods started offering its products
also in aseptic packaging as well as organic.